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Predator Roadline SP6OL

Predator Roadline SP6OL


The Predator Roadline Series are simple and beautiful cues that perform well without distracting. When you reach a certain point in your skill, you begin to consider how other players perceive you, the reserved cosmetics on a Roadline cue keeps you from “tipping your hand” to your opponent too early.


If you’ve ever had the privilege of holding an Roadline series pool cue, then you already know how incredibly balanced it feels. The geniuses at Predator have cracked the code of creating some of the world’s most perfect pool cues; this Roadline definitely falls into that category.

Try It

If  you’ve never had the chance to actually try a Predator Roadline  cue,  we’ve got you covered with the Select Billiards Hands-On Video Review and exclusive Select Billiards Photos of the SP6OL from every angle. It’s the next best thing to trying it out for yourself!


Select Billiards’ Video Review:


Build Quality:

One of the first things you’ll notice when you look at this cue is that it’s Irish Linen wrap goes all the way to the very butt of the cue. The wrap is solid black all the way through for a very clean look. The Irish Linen wrap allows you to get a good grip while still giving you some additional style.

The cue also has 6 beautiful elongated points featuring orange veneer. This definitely makes the cue “pop” more in the forearm. You will absolutely get some complements when you go out playing with it.

This cue comes standard with a 314² shaft, which is a 12.75mm shaft with a pro taper. A shaft, which is 11.75mm, is also available if you prefer a narrower shaft. The tip is a laminated Everest Tip which is standard for just about every Predator shaft.


How It Actually Plays:

  • 314² Shaft(12.75mm)
    • Hitting the ball with slow speed, the ball hit the far rail at about 1″, maybe 1 1/4″ inch. 
    • Hitting the ball with medium speed, the ball hit the far rail at the 2″ mark.
    • Hitting the ball with a firm speed, the ball hit the far rail at the 3″ mark.
  • Shaft(11.75mm)
    • Hitting the ball with slow speed, the ball hit the far rail a little under the 1″ mark.
    • Hitting the ball with medium speed, the ball hit the far rail just a little over the 1″ mark but less than 2″.
    • Hitting the ball with firm speed, the ball hit the far rail right around 2.5″ mark.

Final Thoughts:

The Roadline cues are great “all purpose” cues. The style is clean and sharp without being too gaudy. If you’re a fan of Irish Linen wraps, you’ll love how this cue features it’s wrap all the way to the butt of the cue. This is a great cue for the money and I recommend this cue for just about anybody.


Manufacturer Information:

Style: Curly Maple with Irish Linen Wrap

Roadline Series Description: Unassumingly beautiful and crafted to exude a quiet confidence, Predator’s new Roadline™ Sneaky Petes are engineered for what matters most — winning. Featuring a six-point full splice construction that incorporates rich Curly Maple, ultra elongated points, the customizable Uni-Loc® weight cartridge system, and world renowned low deflection shafts, Roadline™ Sneaky Petes are ready for action. Raise the stakes and raise your game, wherever the road leads you.

Additional information

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 41 × 3 in


  1. Steve

    If I purchase from you here on the East Coast, do I have to pay sales tax for California? That doesn’t make any sense to me that I would pay California. Worse case scenario it looks as though i would pay the tax rate for me here in my state of North Carolina. Can you explain that for me please? Thank you!

    • Admin

      Hi Steve, you do not have to pay any sales tax unless you are having it shipped to California. 🙂

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