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Pool players recognize the Predator brand as being among the best in the industry. It’s no surprise that the company who has continually advanced the science of making  pool cues would come along and revolutionize the industry again


Unless you’re the type of person who likes spending $30 or more on a single piece of chalk, Predator 1080 Pure is simply the best chalk available today. If you try it just once, you’ll never want to go back to regular chalk again. 

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If  you’ve never had the chance to try Predator 1080 Pure Chalk for yourself,  we’ve got you covered with our Hands-On Video and exclusive photos of the Predator Chalk from every angle. It’s like trying it for yourself!


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Product Quality:

So, why is this chalk so much better than 99% of the other chalks available today? There are several reasons but the main reason Predator Chalk is so amazing is due to how adaptable it is. This chalk is incredibly grippy so you only need to chalk your cue once per game!

If you’re the type who chalks their cue after every shot as part of a pre-shot routine, never fear because this chalk can be still be used normally and you won’t need to worry about gumming up your tip over time. The same can not be said of other “premium chalks” which require that you buy one particular type to fit your playing style; the beauty of Predator Chalk is that it adapts to your routine.


How It Actually Plays:

I mentioned that the chalk is long lasting but really that’s just my subjective opinion. You’re probably wondering “just how much extra play you can get out of a single chalking before you need to re-chalk?” Well, I decided to do a little test myself to find that out. The results were a quite surprising…

In this test, I used standard chalk from a well known manufacturer. I chalked my cue normally with non-Predator chalk and, without re-chalking between shots, hit some balls with it until I miscued. How many shots did I get before my first miscue with the non-Predator chalk? 3.


Moving on to the next test, I cleaned off my cue tip and chalked it up using the Predator 1080 Pure chalk. Once more, I lined up some balls and shot, without re-chalking, until I got a miscue. How many shots did I make before I miscued with the Predator chalk? Thirty Five shots!  I continued until I’d hit 50 balls with the Predator chalk. I tried shooting with high, low, left and right. I never miscued after that initial one and the chalk was still mostly covering the tip even after the 50th hit. In fact, I could have probably hit another 50 balls without getting a miscue, it felt that good.


With the non-predator chalk I was barely able to make it to 10 hits before I was miscuing on every shot. Of those 10 shots with the non-Predator chalk, seven were miscues; that’s a 70% miscue rate when not rechalking between shots. When using Predator 1080 Pure chalk, I hit the ball 50 times without rechalking. Only one hit out of 50 was a miscue; that’s only 2% miscue rate when not rechalking between shots.  No  doubt,  Predator Chalk is the winner.


Play Improvement:

Also worth noting is that Predator Chalk can handle extreme English shots. You get lots of spin off the ball when you use it and that gives you extra confidence in your shots. This confidence will likely result in you making more shots you wouldn’t ordinarily try. I felt completely comfortable shooting extremely low on the ball and still felt like I could have gone even lower. Predator 1080 Pure Chalk will hep you make shots you’d never try with regular chalk.

Finally, a note about the look of Predator chalk. The first thing you notice when you see it for the first time is that it’s not square. Predator 1080 Pure Chalk is actually octagonal and it’s that shape that sets it apart from the competition. People will definitely notice this chalk when you bring it out during a match.To those who may worry that it’s shape will prevent it from being kept in their favorite pool cue holder, worry not. Predator 1080 Pure Chalk fit nearly all  chalk holders

Final Thoughts:

As I mentioned, Predator 1080 Pure Chalk is set to completely revolutionize the industry. I fully expect this stuff to become the standard go-to chalk for professional players within the next year or so. Once you try this chalk, you’ll never go back to regular chalk but that’s ok because, at this price, you won’t ever have to go back!


Manufacturer Information:

After more than half a decade of research and another three years of testing by world renowned players, Predator 1080 Pure Chalk is ready for you!

Created with a special formula of pure silica, Predator Chalk is designed for performance and winning. You can expect improved accuracy, more consistency, additional rotation, longer chalk life and far greater coverage than standard cue chalk.

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