2×4 Black Leather Hard Case


2×4 Black Leather Hard Case


Cues are an investment and a cue case is a great way to protect it. This black leather hard case will hold two butts and four shafts, so you’ll always have what you need.

Hard Case

For the player who likes to have quick and easy access to their pool cues, a hard case is definitely the way to go. The additional benefit to having a hard case is that it provides 360 degrees of protection.   


If  you’re new to buying cue cases, here are answers to some of the most commonly asked cue-case questions. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to contact us.


The Outlaw 2×2 Hard Case features a tan, vinyl exterior with a suede effect, as well as two zippered side compartments. It features a removable back strap.

Notable Features:

  • Genuine leather, black
  • Two zippered side compartments
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Additional information

Weight 8.00 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 10 × 10 in


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