Practice Routine – Intermediate

Stroke Straighener Practice Routine – Intermediate

This intermediate practice by Robbie DeJarnette is designed to help you dial in your stroke and speed when using your Stroke Straightener. It is very easy to set up but it will definitely provide you with a sufficient challenge.

In this routine, you simply want to set up balls on the rails of each center diamond and shoot them in one by one. The idea here is to allow for organic cue ball placement which will force you to practice different angles and different bridge types with your Stroke Straightener. These down-the-rail shots really help you to get your stroke and speed dialed in. 

Once you’ve mastered this practice routine and you’re ready for more of a challenge with your Stroke Straightener, click the link below to be taken to the Advanced Practice Routine video.

Finish up with: Stroke Straightener Practice Routine – Advanced