Practice Routine – Beginner

Stroke Straightener Practice Routine – Beginner

In this routine, we see long-time user of The Stroke Straightener, Robbie DeJarnette, and how he likes to start practicing with his device. This very-simple routine is perfect for starting out and getting to know your Stroke Straightener.

To begin, place your object ball in the foot spot, line up the cue ball to the corner pocket, and take your shot. Run through this routine for a few complete sets of balls. When you’re ready to get a little more advanced with your routine, move off the foot spot while keeping the cue ball in the same position. This will help you with with harder cuts and getting you a feel for what the proper speed is.

Once you’ve mastered this practice routine and you’re ready for more of a challenge with your Stroke Straightener, click the link below to be taken to the Intermediate Practice Routine video.

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