Practice Routine – Advanced

Stroke Straightener Practice Routine – Advanced

This advanced practice routine by Robbie DeJarnette is designed to help you get comfortable with shooting both straight shots and shots with natural English. 

In this routine, you’re going to set balls all around the table in a random fashion. From there, play your first shot with ball-in-hand and proceed like a regular game. Don’t worry about the sequence of numbers, just focus on pocketing whichever ball looks best. If you miss a shot, just continue as normal until all balls are made.

After you’ve done a few full practice routines like this, switch to your regular playing cue and rack a game of Nine Ball. This time, you want to focus on using natural english for your shots. You’ll likely find that the muscle memory from your Stroke Straightener training will make your accuracy that much better. 

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now a Stroke Straightener master!

If you have additional questions about how to use your Stroke Straightener, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help players improve their game using the Stroke Straightener.