Select Your Shaft

How do you pick the right diameter shaft for you? Should you select a shaft that’s larger in diameter or smaller? Well, like many aspects to this sport, there are many variables to consider. In an effort to simplify the decision making process, I’ve broken it down for you:

If you get a standard shaft that means you have a bigger surface (the cue tip) hitting the cue ball which means you’ll pocket balls more often. The drawback is that you’ll get less spin: less English and less draw.

 If you get with a smaller diameter shaft, you’ll tend to miss more often due to the smaller surface area of the cue tip. On the plus side, you’ll get a lot more spin: more Draw and more English.

In short, if you want more control and to pocket balls more often, get the bigger shaft. If you want more spin, at the risk of missing more often, get the smaller shaft.

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