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Basic Pool Techniques

How to Shoot Carom and Billiard Shots

Carom and Billiard shots are very useful in certain situations. With this video you’ll learn exactly how to properly line up your shot and make it every time.

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An Easy Way to Shoot Bank Shots in Billiards and Pool

Bank shots are a very important thing to learn about if you play pool or billiards. This video how-to shows you how easy it can be to make your bank-shots every time.

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Two Finger Rule (with Slow Motion Replay)

The Two Finger Rule is useful for figuring out the proper point of contact to make on the rail and hit your object ball. This is a very powerful technique so work on mastering it.

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Advanced Pool Techniques

Advanced Two Finger Rule in Billiards and Pool

The Two-Finger Rule is quite useful for helping you to line up most shots. There are some situations where the rule can’t quite fit in and that’s why I developed the Advanced Two-Finger Rule.

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Advanced Carom and Billiard Shots

Sometimes you’ve got a shot that you just can’t make without shooting into another ball. This advanced technique is great for when you’ve got one of those tricky shots. Just check the edge and line up your shot.

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Two Rail Bank and Kick Shots

Check out this technique for easily doing two-rail kicks and banks. All you have to do is line up to bank or kick your cue ball into the corner pocket. You do this because the speed is what is going to control this shot, by squeezing up and making the ball.

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Improve your English

An Easy Way to Get Precision English in Billiards and Pool – Part 1 – Center English

So how do you get precision English? It seems like there are a lot of variables at play but, in reality, it’s really just a simple matter of how you use the diamonds on a pool table. Use this simple video guide to determine how to properly line up your shots and get exactly the right English you’re after. It’ll change the way you play the game forever!

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A Simple Way to Get Precision English in Billiards and Pool – Part 2 – Top English

Now that you’ve mastered using Center English, it’s time to move on to using Top English, which is also called “High” sometimes. Using Top English will allow you to get even more precise control over your shots when you play the game.

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A Fool-Proof Way to Get Precision English in Billiards and Pool – Part 3 – Bottom English

So it’s come to this, you’ve mastered Center English and Top English. Now it’s time to perfect using Bottom English. The important difference here is that you’re going to be adding a half-diamond of English when you go low on the ball.

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Learn Basic Bridge Types

Open-Hand Bridge (On Top of the Rail) in Billiards and Pool

This on top of the rail bridge is where you put your hand directly on the rail and pop your thumb up. Your shaft will be sliding perfectly parallel to your index finger. This is a pretty basic bridge technique.

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Two-Finger Bridge in Billiards and Pool

Just use two fingers and stick them on top of the rail. You then lean the cue against your thumb and lock it in. This is a great bridge for breaking.

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Behind the Rail Open-Hand Bridge

This is an important bridge to learn because you use it when the ball is really close to the rail but you need to get a little more distance so you can have a better stroke.

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Closed-Finger Bridge in Billiards and Pool

For a Closed-Finger Bridge you’re going to want to make sure that your palm is on the table, using your three base-fingers to stabilize your bridge hand. Then you just wrap your pointer-finger around the cue and get it just snug-enough so that it’s not grabbing your skin.

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Open-Hand Bridge in Billiards and Pool

The open-hand bridge is great because you can see your cue and shot very clearly while you get set up. You’re basically resting the cue on top of your hand and cradling it with your thumb. This bridge is great for shooting long shots since it’s very smooth and you can get great shape.

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