Select Your Pool Cue Grips

Select Your Pool Cue Grips

How do you determine the best grip for you? There are a lot of options for pool cue grips and they range from “extremely grippy” to “smooth”. Here’s an overview of the various grip types and how each one grips to your hand. Note that every grip type is not always available for every cue, so sometimes you need to strike a balance between selecting your favorite cue cosmetics and your preferred grip type.


Rubber Wrap

The “Most Grippy” is a rubber wrap. Nothing even comes close to rubber in terms of grippy-ness. If your hands sweat a lot and you want the cue to really stick to your grip, a rubber wrap is absolutely the best way to go. 

No Wrap

The next most grippy is handle type my surprise you; it’s the “No Wrap” cue type. No Wrap cues have a finish on them, so when your hand sweats, it sticks and grips to the cue really well. You may be thinking “well, it’s like the shaft so it must be slippery” but that’s not the case. The shaft and the butt are completely different surfaces and a no-wrap cue is very grippy.

Stacked Leather

The next most grippy type of wrap is a Stacked Leather wrap. It’s a smooth leather and is grippier than the standard leather. When your hand sweats, it sticks to the Stacked Leather grip very well. 

Standard Leather

Next is the Regular Leather wrap. A standard leather wrap cue has a texture on it which makes it not quite as sticky as the Stacked Leather but still decently grippy.

Irish Linen Wrap

Finally, the least grippy cue is the Irish Linen Wrap. You may think that Irish Linen would be more grippy but that’s not the case. The reason it’s doesn’t grip as well as the others is because the linen itself has starch and wax on it. It’s super slick and your hand can slide through it very easily.


So there are your options for pool cue grip types. You should now have enough information to decide what your preference is when deciding on the right cue for you. If you still have questions about pool cue grip types, feel free to ask me by using the box below on this page.